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Hello from Boston! My name is Bobby. I am a fun, pleasant, professional kind of a guy who likes meeting people and travelling.

Berlin is a city I'd love to visit. I'm hoping you'll like to show me "your" Berlin and be my guide, translator and friend. Knowing Berlin and speaking German and English fluently is important.

Just like if you came to Boston you'd see the important sights and landmarks, but I'd show you the Boston I know. The places only a local knows and that makes all the difference in travel.

I'm a great tourist. I'm not looking for a professional guide. I'm looking for a regular person who has time to spend with me.

I did this on my trips to Paris and Rome. It worked out beautifully! It's a perfect gig for anyone who has the time, energy and creativity:) In Paris my guide was a girl in Rome it was a guy. Both were fabulous!

I'm looking to arrive mid-July sometime and spend about 10 to 14 days in Berlin, including some day trips outside Berlin.

I'm more than willing to offer you some compensation and in addition you'll be my guest in whatever activities we do including eating!

I'm very enthusiastic to hear from you! If you have some time for this gig  whether you're in school, working or at home, then please reply with your name and phone number along with a photo and tell me who you are and what you're doing. More than one or two sentences is appreciated.

Then if it seems like it might work, I'll schedule a time to talk and explore the possibilities with you.
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