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Marke/Hersteller: Renkforce
Modell/Nummer: RF2000

I am selling my 3d printer, model RENKFORCE RF2000 -Berlin

price:1200€ The machine has been slightly used, from the summer 2017 until today, I’ve printed less than half of a roll of ABS, and 2/3 of a roll of PLA, all with one extruder.
I bought it for Hobby purposes, but had very little time to use it because of work/family.
Along with it, you also get:
- The plastic-enclosure (very important for printing ABS). It would not fit properly when bought, so i had to widen some holes, and reinforce the attachment with tape
- Half a roll of ABS filament
- Almost 1/3 of a roll of PLA filament
- A 0.3mm -slightly used- extruder
- A 0.4mm -unused- extruder
- 2 extra unused o-rings
- Everything included in the original packaging, cables, memory card , extra springs, screws etc.
- An A4 print out of the online manual.

The printer has 2 issues:
- There is a small bit that broke off from the ceramic glass on the center of the heatbed. I did not replace it since i could print on the other parts of the bed. If you want to replace the bed, it will cost you 138,32€

- Very recently I tried to work on the second extruder, but could it would not heat-up. Except from a quick look I took at the cables, I did not have the time to take a deeper look on the problem. It may be something simple, but if you’ll need to replace the whole part it will cost you 81.24€

The printer -for the time/purpose it was used- proved to be a very capable and compact machine. The missing piece on the print-bed never caused any issues to me, since i was printing mainly small parts (or elongated ones) mainly for RC hobby. The 0.3mm nozzle can print in great detail (I have no experience from other 3dprinters, but I am a professional 3d-designer, so some expectations where already high). Some financial issues along with very little time to engage to my hobbies made me to decide to give it way, which I do without any pleasure.
Best wishes to all,
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