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Enjoy your life having a nice vacation in Sri Lanka (Japan)

I am a Graduate in Biological Sciences. I am a Chemistry Teacher in profession. I have Research experience in Biology too. I worked for the Tea Research Institute of Sri Lanka. This is in brief of my biography.

I have a great interest in Tourism. Personally, I am a nature lover. I am dedicated to protecting the nature in the name of the future generation. I love forestry very much. "SINHARAJA" is one of the Virgin Tropical Evergreen Forest and recognized as a World Heritage located in Southern part of the Island. If you wish to embrace the cool breeze of this virgin forest, I can guide you to be there with a sound scientific background.

The country is inherited with World marvels for an instance SIGIRIYA Fortress. There can be seen many world Heritage locations in the Island.

The country is blessed with Buddhism considered as the world most believed Philosophy. Kandy is one of the famous city in the mid of the Island. Tooth Relic of Lord Buddha is located in Kandy. That is also named as a World Heritage.

You can have a sun bathing walking along the sandy beach as you wish spending many hours. As well you can have sea bathing in the blue shallow sea waters. It is considered as a one of medical treatment as well. You can experience the taste our own indigenous foods and beverages.

You can experience an in-depth physical and mental relaxation by having Indigenous medical treatments. The country is rich in body therapeutic treatments according to Indigenous Ayurveda medicine.

If you love animals, you can have an unforgettable, enjoyable Elephant ride in natural forestry. You can go on traveling on the back of wild elephants tamed by versatile people around the selected natural forestry areas. you can be with Elephants many days. you can study there behavior patters, feed them and can join when are they are bathing in rivers. If you wish you can spend few nights in the forestry itself by making camping sites.

This is in very brief about my country Sri Lanka. If you wish to make a visit and enjoy your life in Sri Lanka let me know at your earliest possible. I can arrange you everything you need to enjoy your life.
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