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Looking for New community members and volunteers (Germany)


Looking for new community members and volunteers:
Be part of our beautiful international community
We are a network of communities with the goal to be pockets of light and brotherhood in the darkness of this society. Our communities are in Germany, France, Spain and Scotland. We are a very international group, with people coming from all over the world. Each house has its style but we all share a common spirit and common goals.
At the core of our community is the spirit of brotherhood. We help and protect each other, animals and life in general from any form of violence, with our non-profit we organise humanitarian actions all over the world. For the same principles we are all vegetarian or vegan and we don’t allow meat, fish, smoking, drugs or alcohol in our places.
We want to create an experience that is fulfilling for you and us, therefore we will always take into account your skills and interests. When you contact us, we will decide together how you could contribute the best to our project.
We value people who have experience in sport, dancing and other physical disciplines. We are also happy to welcome people who have experience in gardening, who are able to work with wood or build different structures, rainwater collecting systems, dry toilets and so on. But don't worry, if you don't have any specific knowledge, if you are eager to learn and you have a good spirit, you love to commit yourself and to help others with generosity and a smile, contact us and we will be happy to find you a spot.
As a member of the community you will have food, accommodation and access to all our lessons, which include: martial arts, Yoga, dancing, Tai Chi Chuan and others.
You will also have the possibility to learn different languages like English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian.
We can arrange the terms of the exchange that are more suitable for you: you can either become a full member by paying a part of the monthly expenses and being involved in the organisation of the community, or you can be a volunteer and pay off through your voluntary work, but you could also choose something in between that we can agree together.
We are absolutely open to kids and animals, we have different pets, so your pets are absolutely welcome, as long as you keep them under control.

We are looking for people who would like to join us long-term and become a part of the community.
For more information contact us!
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