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Can Someone Buy me a German Phone??? - €20 (Wedding)

This is getting ridiculous, my FRENCH phone doesn't work here and Germany has NAZI-like rules about residency and "papers please" just to buy a phone and a cheap Pay-as-you-Go SIM card?? I'm not asking for an iPhone, people!! I have to sit out in the middle of Friedrichstrasse and beg people to try to scrape together enough change but then there's the ID and paperwork requirements just to buy a phone?? This is ridiculous, Germany! But I can't even call down the street any other way?! I can make free phone calls back to CANADA on the one I brought here but not to right down the damn street??? Why should this be so damn soul-crushingly difficult?? And of course I can't get a job in I.T. without a "German phone number" and can't get a German phone number without a JOB and a place to live "registered in my name" so you see how this is a vicious cycle, Germany?? We don't do this in the UK or Ireland. But wait, I'd have to have a working PHONE here or be able to get back to the UK to deal with this at all.

Why is this so hard??
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