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Anstellungsart: Mitarbeiterauswahl
Vergütung: $250 per file

Hello, this is Uptempo Marketers, translation company based in Korea.

We have English to Luxembourgish Translation project that will be ongoing for several months.

Easy contents (General news articles, conversations, etc.) and no need of "professional" quality

Project for this round:
Starts ASAP
Deadline: 28th June (Friday) 10:00 AM
Translation fee: $250.00
Actual volume: About 8,500 words

This is a part of a project that will be ongoing for several months, so it's a good opportunity to come on board, and work on tasks regularly with us. We are dealing with general contents (news, spontaneous conversations, etc.)
This round is a trial run, and we expect to receive a large volume of tasks for a long term.

Super good quality is not required (we don't need fancy, professional, aesthetic expressions, etc.) But we need "human-translation". This is one of those parallel text translation tasks, where your human-translated results will be used as data for upgrading machine translations (machine-learning).

Therefore, machine translation (such as Google Translation) is NOT ALLOWED in this project. All work has to be done manually (entirely by human).

So anyone who's interested in long-term regular general translation, you are welcome to join :)

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Skype: uptempojack
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